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Old Charleston Joggling Board Company About Us

The Old Charleston Joggling Board has been part of Lowcountry life since the early 1800's and is still seen on porches, piazzas and in gardens throughout the Lowcountry. Legend has it that there was never an unmarried daughter at the home that had a Joggling Board. 

Since the early 1800's, Joggling Boards have occupied a special place in the hearts of Lowcountry residents. So much of life revolved around the family board. They have survived numerous wars, earthquakes and hurricanes, proving to be as tenacious as the Southern way of life itself. 

Children are attracted to the joggling board like bees to honey. It invokes thrills and laughter or the peace and serenity of a rocking chair. If you have ever visited some of the historic homes in Charleston, you have, no doubt, come across numerous joggling boards gracing the porches and piazzas of these homes where they have provided unlimited pleasure and relaxation to generations of children and children grown old. 

If these boards could speak, imagine the stories they could tell about life in the Lowcountry during the Civil War. How much of General Beauregard's soul searching and military strategies were they privy to? And on how many proposals of marriage did they lay their blessing? 

The Joggling Board or Joggle Bench will make a handsome addition to your yard or porch. The Board is 16 feet long and 29 inches from the ground (stool height). If this is too large for your porch, try the Joggle Bench, an accurate copy of the Joggling Board in every detail (including rocker ends) but only 10 feet long and 20 inches from the ground (chair height). Either way, you'll have quite a conversation piece at your home that will provide years of enjoyment. 

Joggling Boards & Joggle Benches make a handsome addition to any home! to order yours click here to shop online or drop us a letter/send us an email. Upon receipt of payment, we will ship your order freight from our warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina. 

We've been shipping our Joggling Boards and Benches for over 50 years to happy, satisfied customers all over the U.S. and abroad. 

Happy Joggling! 

Whether you have chosen a Joggling Board or a Joggle Bench, you've selected a product of old world style craftsmanship and the best materials available today. Engineered for years of service, the wood is yellow pine, the glue is waterproof and the Charleston Green paint is the highest quality outdoor enamel. The rockers and uprights are pressure treated and the long board is hand treated.

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