Care Sheet

Your Joggling Board or Joggle Bench is made of the best materials available today. The board is select yellow pine, the glue is waterproof, and the paint is the highest quality outdoor enamel. Rockers/uprights are made from a type of mahogany and the set is treated with a primer and two coats of enamel.

To increase the longevity of the set, it is recommended that the entire set be painted after the first year, and then every two or three years after that if kept outdoors. If the set is kept under the cover of a porch or piazza, then the length of time to paint can be doubled. After exposure to the sun and weather, some grain in the wood can open, resembling splits. These will not reduce the strength of the board and the next coat of paint should seal them. As with any outdoor furniture, we recommend washing it down with a cleaner to eliminate mold and dirt and then a light sanding before applying paint.

For greater enjoyment, safety reasons and longevity, it is important to set the rockers on a hard surface. If it is kept in a yard, it should be set on a concrete slab, bricks or stone to prevent direct contact with the soil which may encourage the rockers and uprights to rot.

The 16ft. Joggling Board can be rocked and bounced and children can jump on it, however it is wood and IT WILL BREAK under too much pressure! In a short time  you will become acquainted with it's limitations. After you sit on your joggling board, you will see amazing strength and begin to know what you can and cannot do on the board. It will hold a lot of people while they are sitting but don't joggle with more than 2 adults or 4 young children. About 250 - 300 pounds.

The paint we use for all of our joggling boards is Charleston Green gloss enamel. Most paint stores can mix Charleston Green in a high grade porch enamel.

Note: For those of you who do not have room for the 16ft. Joggling Board, our 10ft. Joggle Bench is the perfect alternative. The bench is an exact replica of the 16ft. Joggling Board, only scaled down in order to fit a smaller area. Please keep in mind that the 10ft. Joggle Bench will not have the same spring and bounce as the 16ft. The more we shorten the length of the board, the more we limit it's capabilities.

Warranty: OCJB Co.'s warranty policy is six (6) months for any defects in material or workmanship.

Fore more information please email us.